Aromatherapy is a relaxing treatment that involves the use of pure essential oil extracts from plants, each one has its own individual chemical make up and help different ailments and imbalances in the body. They are absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin through massage and also by olfaction (smell) into the limbic area of the brain, which is responsible for our emotions and senses.

Your personal blend of oils will be administered by massage, which can enhance well being, relieve stress and muscle tension, boost the circulatory & lymphatic systems and promote good health.  Aromatherapy massage also helps relieve arthritis, high blood pressure, eczema, cellulite and much more.

Treatments offered:

Full Body inc face and head 1.5 hours
Full Body 1 hour
Back, neck and shoulders 1 hour or 30 mins
Anti-cellulite legs 30 mins
Face & head 30 mins