"I received one Christmas approx 6 years ago a voucher from my daughter to have a massage and like most males was sceptical of the benefits I might gain, nevertheless I had the treatment and found it relaxing.  It was not until I became seriously ill two years ago that the benefits of regular massage with essential oils became apparent.  The massage started healing processes within me and as a result I used other naturopathic therapies to complement Linda's.  Linda is an excellent healer, she is totally professional and thorough in her technique, she is also very gentle and will stop immediately if there is an acute sore area.  If you have any doubts about the treatment Linda can provide I am happy for Linda to pass on my number so that you can contact me." Dr Chris May BDS.LDS RCS.NLP assoc pract.  

 "I have been having sports massage regularly from Linda for some time.  I have always found her to be extremely professional, and highly reliable.  She takes time to fully evaluate any problems, before starting the actual massage.  She also has an unerring knack of finding tense spots in my muscles, and kneading out the knots.  When I first started seeing her, I had various problems which were stopping me running.  A course of sports massage managed to resolve these problems, and got me back in my running shoes.  I still have regular maintenance massages to get rid of any knots and tightness.  Janice Franks

 "I have known Linda as my masseuse for 8 years during which time she has treated me regularly. I have found her to be a very proficient masseuse, using a variety of aromatherapy oils. She has provided effective relief when I have suffered muscular ailments, particularly upper body/neck as well as calf and Achilles tendon.  Linda is always very professional, punctilious, organised, charming and a delight to deal with." Jeremy Scott FCA 

I have been seeing Linda for over a year, when I first had a problem with my back I went to see her at the local David Lloyd club.  Linda immediately made me feel relaxed with her friendly personality and she found the source of the problem straightaway.  She sent me to the doctors where I was diagnosed with a torn back muscle.  I now see Linda regularly and was delighted that she decided to come back every few weeks to Surrey after moving.  I always try and make sure that I'm free when she visits.  I would be happy for Linda to pass on my details to anyone who would like a recommendation.  Richard Taylor